at the Service
of Health

Every one of our customers’ needs becomes a stimulus for us to improve constantly under the banner of greater efficiency, the monitoring of the results of our services and the steady rise in the levels of our workers’ qualifications.

Each year we “dress” 300.000 healthcare workers and “make“ over 54.000 beds in more than hospital facilities. With our support, 800.000 operating theatres are prepared and 350.000 surgical operations are carried out throughout Italy.

About us

Specialization, competence, rigorous operating systems. There can be no departures from perfection in the healthcare sphere. In the linen rental and industrial laundering sector for years, today Servizi Ospedalieri is the Italian leading player in outsourced management of surgical instrument sterilization facilities. Servizi Ospedalieri S.p.A. is a company wholly-owned by Rekeep S.p.A., which is leader in Italy in the delivery of specialist services in the laundering&sterilization segment for the healthcare sector.


Corporate Social Responsibility has always been a basically important element in the business culture of Servizi Ospedalieri and of the Rekeep Group to which it belongs. Manutencoop Società Cooperativa was, in fact, the first cooperative and one of the first companies in Italy to draw up its first Social Responsibility Report as far back as 1992. The same attention to all aspects of corporate social responsibility is constantly transmitted to all Group companies.


Uncompromising on quality, rigorously professional. Ours is a mission before it is a business target. Persons and instruments that have others’ well-being in their sights.


Innovation and the development of advanced solutions that consider contexts, the personnel that make use of them and the possibility of reuse.


A framework of clear value standards guides Servizi Ospedalieri’s work and organization.

  • the optimization of every stage in operations through the use of the latest instruments and technologies
  • the protection of all our personnel and their specialist qualifications
  • the dynamic and versatile nature of our relationship with our customers
  • the culture of reusing materials that are disposed of after their reprocessing limit has been reached

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