This area of the site offers materials and documents relating to internal control, compliance and certifications of Servizi Ospedalieri.

Model 231

Organizational, management and control model under Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001

Model 231 - Servizi Ospedalieri S.p.A.

Channels for reporting to the Supervisory Board

Model 231 – Annex 8

Code of Ethics

Servizi Ospedalieri S.p.A. has resolved to adopt the Code of Ethics by abiding with that provided for the parent company Rekeep S.p.A.

Code of Ethics - Rekeep S.p.A.

Sustainability report

Reporting - Rekeep S.p.A.

Code Antitrust

Servizi Ospedalieri S.p.A. has adopted the Antitrust Code of Conduct of the parent company Rekeep S.p.A.

Antitrust Code of Conduct- Rekeep S.p.A.

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