About us

Leader in the delivery of specialist services for the healthcare sector.
Safety, Innovation and state of the art operating systems.


There can be no departures from perfection in the healthcare sphere.

Servizi Ospedalieri S.p.A, a company wholly-owned by Rekeep S.p.A. that is leader in Italy in the delivery of specialist services in the laundering&sterilization segment for the healthcare sector, has made professional competence the lynchpin of its operations.

In the linen rental and industrial laundering sector for years, today Servizi Ospedalieri is the Italian leading player in outsourced management of surgical instrument sterilization facilities.

Specialised in Integrated Facility Management, Servizi Ospedalieri has made the search for innovative solutions the main feature that distinguishes it and today, thanks to the competence of its over 1,250 employees, it is able to provide an effective response to all its customers’ needs.



Servizi Ospedalieri has completed a gradual, dramatic change by means of a transformation of its business model. Starting from its original dimensions as a company specializing in industrial laundering, hiring and sterilizing linen, it has now become a modern enterprise with the ability to provide all-round services for the healthcare sector.

Servizi Ospedalieri's know-how, made up of competencies and professional skills, enable it to carry out the entire process of the design and management of surgical instrument sterilization, with the precious support of its own sterilization facilities situated throughout Italy.


Present in many areas of Italy and having operational offices nationwide, Servizi Ospedalieri can respond to requests and deliver supplies with the promptness required under quality and efficiency standards.

The company’s logistic and production network is composed of four advanced factories located in Ferrara, Lucca, Teramo and Marcellinara (CZ), various outsourced sterilization facilities and warehouses and operating offices that ensure perfect service throughout the country.

Healthcare professionals

Each year we “dress” 300.000 healthcare workers and “make” over 54.000 beds in more than 100 hospital facilities. With our support, 800.000 operating theatres are prepared and 350.000 surgical operations are carried out throughout Italy.

Every year


healthcare workers dressed


beds managed


operating theatres set up


surgical operations carried out