Innovation and the development of advanced solutions that consider contexts, the personnel that make use of them and the possibility of reuse.

SO.Hybridus® kit chirurgico procedurale

Surgical procedure kit

SO.Hybridus® is a sterile procedure kit for special surgery, containing all the necessary accessories, both for operating rooms and surgical clinic or specialist department (e.g., emergency room).
SO.Hybridus® procedure kits are modular and can be personalized; they are highly flexible in meeting particular customer needs both as regards the composition of the medical device supplied in them (linens, gowns, disposable accessories, containers, syringes, surgical instruments), and as regards logistics of deliveries and integrated waste cycle management.
SO.Hybridus is "patent pending".


Freely versatile

With SO.OneSurgery® you can put together a non-woven fabric pack personalized down to the slightest particulars for all needs of operating rooms and types of surgical operations.

SO.Barriertech® kit chirurgici personalizzati

Personalized surgical kits

Safety, technology and versatility all contribute to making SO.Barriertech® the most effective integrated support system for operating room teams. Conceived and tested for handling reusable sterile technical fabric coverings.
With SO.Barriertech® customers have at their disposal personalized kits for all special surgery (packed to size with reusable materials), textiles made from new concept materials, specialist assistance (start-up, training and advice), and continuous monitoring of the delivery of the service (checking stocks, expiry dates, computerized device traceability system). This system uses drapes and gowns that comply with European rules (EN 13795 standards), which give the surgery team the maximum protection and comfort and the patient a high environmental sustainability.

SO.X-Versus® dispositivi per la protezione dai raggi X

Devices for protecting against X-rays

SO.X-Versus® is a revolutionary solution in the field of personal protective equipment. It is the first line of products on the market, certified as Category III PPE, can be sanitized by industrial processes validated in accordance with the regulations in the matter and can be sterilized.
SO.X-Versus® sproduct line articles are made from fabrics with high performance in terms of both duration and protection against radiation.
The textiles with which SO.X-Versus®equipment is made have the essential characteristics for making healthcare articles, consider users’ needs to be operational and give them solid guarantees of protection and comfort.
SO.X-Versus® is "patent pending".

SO.ENDOSCOPY piastre endoscopiche mono e polispecialistiche

Endoscopy units

Endoscopic examinations and procedures are increasingly common diagnostic investigation methods; their operation requires not only a platform of advanced services and instrumentation but also spaces that are adequate and suitably distributed in the healthcare facility.
Servizi Ospedalieri can design unified endoscopic units, single- or multi-function, combining functions and equipment in unified environments so as to rationalize both the resources employed and the management of the test procedures. Servizi Ospedalieri provides complete services to operate the units, hiring all the necessary endoscopic equipment, keeping its quantitative and qualitative inventory and having it maintained full-risk by the parent company.


Distribution of folded articles

The SO.Wardrobe®system for the distribution of folded articles is designed to meet the particular needs of providing work uniforms near operating rooms, hospital departments and in areas in which available space is a particularly precious resource.
SO.Wardrobe® systems make clean work clothes available to healthcare personnel 24 hours a day and 7 days a week; smart distribution makes work easier for all users.

SO.Comfort-Line®  diseper per gli operatori di sala operatoria

Uniforms for operating room personnel

SO.Comfort-Line® lis Servizi Ospedalieri’s product line particularly intended for the uniforms of operating room personnel, being made using innovative fabrics with highly performing function characteristics. The technical fabrics used, such as, for example, Cooldry polyester or Lyocell/Tencel viscose, combine the exceptional properties of being breathable, absorbent, comfortable and cool while preserving the elegance of the garment at the same time.

SO.Thermal-Line® coperte e abbigliamento termoregolante

Blankets and thermoregulating clothing

SO.Thermal-Line® is the name of a line of products for the corporal thermoregulation of healthcare personnel and patients. The innovation here are the characteristics of the fibre used to make the fabric, containing a Phase Change Material (PCM) that regulates body temperature. Belonging to this product line are thermoregulating blankets for certain hospital departments such as intensive care and care homes.
Jackets, vests and neck warmers are the items of clothing most used in operating rooms because they provide an excellent degree of comfort for personnel.
SO.Thermal-Line® is "patent pending"

SO.Ultraclogs® Zoccoli professionali per operatori sanitari

Professional clogs for healthcare workers

Professional clogs in SO.Ultraclogs® polymer are the perfect footwear for healthcare personnel. They are antistatic and pass the anti-slip test required under special rules. Two models are offered; open and closed clogs with a swivelling safety strap that can be replaced if it breaks. The raised edge on the heel always keeps the foot secure.
SO.Ultraclogs® ® can be washed in clog washers or dish washers at a maximum temperature of 90°C and can be autoclaved at 134°C. SO.Ultraclogs® has an internal microchip should it be desired to track washing or sterilization processes. A version with a reinforced toe is also available, suitable both for medical and industrial environments.

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