Intransigent regarding quality, rigorously professional – ours is a mission rather than a business objective. Persons and instruments that look after others’ well-being.

Our services

Hospital linen washing and rental

This is one of Servizi Ospedalieri's core specializations. The company hires out linens and workwear in the quantities and in the manner required by healthcare facilities after disinfecting, washing and packaging them following methods and standards that ensure that the articles are constantly traceable and optimizing timing and resources, as well as using innovative materials and computerized management systems.

Sterilization of surgical instruments

Servizi Ospedalieri sterilizes and manages all surgical instruments for healthcare facilities. It is able to operate facilities inside hospital buildings directly, running the entire cycle of sterilization of surgical instruments arriving from operating rooms and ambulatory care facilities, thus delivering a service that could not be bettered in terms of efficiency, quality and safety.

Tailored to the customer

Specialization, profound knowledge of its sector, flair for constant innovation, advanced and detailed programming, verification of the services delivered – these are the factors that make the range of services that Servizi Ospedalieri offers one of the most comprehensive and meticulous in the healthcare field.
Every task is gauged to the customer’s real needs in order to guarantee safety and hygiene, the traceability of each task, the monitoring of the times taken and cost reduction.
Furthermore, the company’s modern and rational internal organization is an assurance that its personnel, well prepared and ready to assist, are always available to assist its customers.



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