The management of all sterilization facility operations and the fact that they are located throughout the country enable the company to control quality on an ongoing basis and deliver services in real time.
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Reusable technical fabrics for operating rooms (TTR)

Supply and sterilization

One of the sectors in which Servizi Ospedalieri’s degree of technical and experiential evolution is most observable is the sterilization of technical fabrics for operating rooms

Sterile coverings in reusable technical fabrics SO.Barriertech®

Servizi Ospedalieri places SO.Barriertech®, at the disposal of healthcare facilities for safety in the operating room. It is an integrated system that supports the operating team, conceived and tested for the management of sterile coverings in reusable technical fabrics.

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European standards for the control of hospital sterilization

All production and operational processes are carefully examined both under Servizi Ospedalieri’s internal quality control system and third-party accredited bodies. The sterilization process undergoes specific tests that allow Servizi Ospedalieri to release CE marked products after verification by a Notified Body. Finally, the company puts a team of experts at the disposal of the operating team to determine work protocols, control and monitoring systems and to customize kits.

Maximum safety the objective – Sterilization facilities

Design, construction and operation of sterilization facilities

It goes without saying that unremitting control of the process of treatment and sterilization of surgical instruments is of vital importance for all healthcare facilities.


Servizi Ospedalieri also keeps its customers informed of the state of its surgical instruments and on distribution procedures and timing. And now, thanks to the innovative reading of each article by using high frequency, the monitoring of each sterilization phase is even more meticulous. Servizi Ospedalieri warrants that the system will function in practice as it is designed to do at the sterilization facilities for surgical instruments and linens intended for operating rooms.


design of structure and layout

construction of the facility and supply of equipment and furnishings

operation of the plant through our own personnel

rental of surgical instruments

specific training courses and workshops for company staff

advice on all sterilization operations (quality certifications, etc.)

Sterilization of surgical instruments

Servizi Ospedalieri provides healthcare facilities with all surgical instruments sterilization and management operations, taking steps for:

  • the operation of the sterilization facility
  • hire, maintenance and inventory of surgical instruments

The company can operate facilities in hospitals with its own personnel, running the entire sterilization cycle for surgical instruments arriving from operating rooms and ambulatory care facilities.

Qualified Servizi Ospedalieri personnel carry out the entire sterilization cycle of surgical instruments:

  • Reception of the instrumentation and identification
  • Disinfection/washing
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization
  • Storage
  • Delivery

The centralization of sterilization activities in a single area of the hospital, entrusted to the care of a sole operator, optimizes performance in terms of efficiency, quality and safety: costs are known in advance and performance targets and the verification of results are precise.

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