Not a mere hospital linen rental service, but an integrated system for the optimization of every action, avoiding waste of time and resources.
Services Sterilization

Industrial laundering

This is one of Servizi Ospedalieri’s core specializations. The company hires out linens and workwear in the quantities and in the manner required by healthcare facilities after disinfecting, washing and packaging them.
Linen washing and rental service for health care facilities includes:
  • flat linen (sheets, pillowcases, blankets, tablecloths)
  • packed linen (hospital staff gowns and uniforms)
  • mattress ware (mattresses, pillows)

The company provides hospitals with all types of linen, keeps it in good condition and replaces worn-out articles. The linen, gowns and all hospital uniforms hired can be personalized and identified by chips that the company can read and ensure the traceability of either uniforms or linen during handling and washing.

The industrial laundering and linen rental service is provided, throughout the country, by four technologically advanced industrial plants under constant supervision and controls that ensure that they operate correctly and to the full.
Washing processes are certified and monitored.

Phases in the industrial laundering and linen rental service

  • Collection of linen
  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Linen quality control
  • Maintenance
  • Packaging
  • Delivery

Surgical gown and hospital uniform management

The laundering and linen rental service for hospitals is coordinated with the management of the facilities’ wardrobes. Servizi Ospedalieri personnel collect the linen to be washed from the departments and distribute the clean linen.

Wardrobe management service also includes a range of added value services for the health trust:

  • Computerized monitoring and storage of incoming and outgoing materials;
  • Analysis of normal and peak consumption of every product and in every department, consequently allowing a logistic model to be prepared that adjusts promptly to the customer’s request flows.

Distribution of articles

With the introduction of new technologies, the distribution service has become increasingly efficient and rational. The possibility for each healthcare worker to collect their uniforms automatically by using a robotized wardrobe simply passing their badges keeps all distribution movements under control, saving the health trust from waste, malfunctioning or the dispersion of resources or energy.
Furthermore, all departments can check stocks and requests for linen by consulting an app that can be downloaded on all the healthcare facility’s terminals.

Integrated hospital logistics

The profound knowledge of wardrobe management that Servizi Ospedalieri has gained enables it to develop substantial integrated management know-how in logistics inside healthcare facilities.

Other services

Now the company can perfect and run the distribution of clothing and other healthcare textiles providing the following services:

  • distribution of medicinal products
  • distribution of biological material
  • distribution of meals to inpatients.

The company’s specialized and duly qualified personnel can also:

  • provide a bed making service
  • transfer patients from one hospital department to another

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