Group Companies

Strategic investments to provide know-how and innovation in healthcare

Servizi Ospedalieri holds various majority interests in companies active in the production of medical devices and materials supporting healthcare activities, in particular, in the custom pack sector:

Medical Device

Medical Device (60%)

Medical Device is specializing in the production of procedure kits for the healthcare sector, i.e. single-use packs containing all the instruments required for supporting healthcare teams in performing surgical procedures. It is active in the production of procedure kits intended to provide the operating room, surgery or specialist department staff with the material required for specific surgical interventions. In detail the Company has acquired over the years certifications for the marketing of Class 3 medical devices, which are particularly crucial due to their intended use and which require very complex certification procedures on the part of the Notified Bodies. The Company employs about 30 people and is based in Montevarchi (Arezzo).


U.Jet (60%)

U.Jet is a leading company in the production of Non-woven fabric devices that are mainly intended for the healthcare market. It manufactures hospital devices, including drapes, surgical gowns, accessories for ambulatory care facilities and operating rooms, equipment covers, and procedure sets, which all meet the requirement of a high level of customization, in line with its customers’ demand for increasingly advanced products, through the use of proprietary technology that is co-designed with company suppliers.

U.Jet can count on two clean rooms for the packaging and assembly of disposable fabric surgical kits and other accessories that are subsequently sterilized and used in the field of healthcare. The company is based in Bastia Umbra (Perugia), and mainly operates in the Italian market, under agreements with public and private Hospitals, distributors, service companies and custom pack manufacturers; moreover, the company has a sales network in Albania, France, Switzerland, Tunisia and Bulgaria.

U.Jet has obtained the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 certifications and the EC Quality Assurance System Certificate and has also entered the dental, veterinary, wellness, community, industrial sectors in most recent years.

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